Who am I?

Who Am I? is the title given to the series of  questions and answers bearing on Self-enquiry which hinges of Socratic method as a beginning. For the human mind that has gained sufficient skill in concentrated form of Self-enquiry, this endeavor becomes comparatively easier. It is by ceaseless enquiry into the nature of self we intend to arrive at the truth of our being or touch the existential reality.

An Indian Mystic, Osho, in his talks says

“Who am I?” has no answer to it; it is unanswerable. Your mind will supply many answers. Your mind will say, “You are the essence of life. You are the eternal soul. You are divine,” and so on and so forth.

All those answers have to be rejected: Neti Neti “Neither this nor that.” – one has to go on saying it.

When you have denied all the possible answers that the mind can supply and devise, when the question remains absolutely unanswerable, a miracle happens!

When the question also has disappeared, then you know. But that knowing is not an answer: it is an existential experience.

However, I am of the opinion that one must start from scratch with an open mind. Even if seems like peeling an onion, still the layers are a part of a reality. Its useful to explore the layers as well.