CoViD-19 : A harbinger of dark days

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April 12, 2020.

(a month long Lock-down)

It has been over three months, that this pandemic has slowly spread across continents and the global media. We are being hammered, right down to our collective unconscious, about the dread and horror of this pandemic. This is the type of thing that nobody likes to go “viral” – in the common lingo of today’s world. However, behind all the blame game and social media sensation, there is a dark truth that stays lurking in the shadows of powerful groups that actually are the event managers of this planet.

No…Its not a conspiracy theory, rather an astute judgement made from things known and proposals discussed across various platforms by several people.

For sure, we must practice caution and not let run our imaginations run for the wild-lands. However, the bitter pill that we must swallow at this point is that we are living in a world where Human Genome sequencing, its interpretations and linkage between the chemical and the physical functionality of Human Genes.

Any major scientific study as above, is like the discovery of fire by our great -great -great Uncle Ape. It could burn you along with your kith and kin, if wielded the wrong way or it could become a useful method to cook, to light up the dark corners and to ward of dangerous animals. For instance, Manhattan Project started with United States’ desire to have a bomb, with the devastating power not known by anyone on this planet before.

The idea behind this directed research in nuclear physics was not to help improve the lives of the people with free electricity from the nuclear power plants, rather to make thousands of atomic bombs during the cold war era to start an Armageddon, so to speak. Are we going to do similar things with the power that would be in our hands, with the very chemical code of human life explored and understood to its finer details?

Hans Zinsser, a U.S. bacteriologist and a historian, wrote about the threat from the biological agents in the following words:

Infectious disease is one of the great tragedies of all living beings – the struggle for the existence between different forms of life… incessantly the pitiless war is wages across the species, without a quarter or armistice – a nationalism of species against species.

-Rats, Lice and History (Social Science Classics Series)
Routledge; Revised edition (2007)

For his time and age, he said the truth as he saw it. The fact that humankind will never be able to overcome or completely protect itself against the onslaught of disease causing biological agents co-existing with us in the nature. It is as true now as it was back then, however, with a new addition that we humans are capable of arming (genetic manipulation in the BioLabs) those unseen micro-organisms like little soldiers of doom and wreak merciless bio-terror on the unsuspecting population. The whole world has become a battleground for the global powers of these times.

Historically, the course of human history had been altered majorly by epidemics. These epidemics scarred the human life more than the wars and devastation caused by other natural events. With the new world having become a global village due to economic globalization, the infected people can move across continents within days of getting infected. Thus, we have begun the age of pandemics -either natural or man-made. The urban centers are highly vulnerable to become epicenters of these global pandemics due to high population density. We should have been prepared since the outbreak of SARS and the Bird-flu -at least the first world countries.

Back in the days of WW-I, Germany had created an ambitious biological warfare program. They started a covert operation of infecting the livestock and their feed via the neutral trading partner countries. Two pure cultures of bacteria, Bacillus anthrasis and Burkholderia mallei, were prepared to infect the Romanian sheep that was to be exported to Russia. However, before this could be done, the samples were confiscated from the German diplomatic staff and was identified at the Bucharest Institute of Bacteriology and Pathology. In the span of a few months in the years 1917 – 1918, these two strains were injected into the livestock of middle east (present day Jordan-Iraq-Syria) and Argentine, which was intended to be used for ration of the allied forces.

Although, the Geneva protocols, established 1925, prohibit the use of the weapons of mass destruction, such as the poisonous chemical agents, biological agents and other such methods that cause the death and destruction on a large scale, we are still perhaps not in a mood to muster out all such horrible stuff. Actually, most of the participants in the Geneva protocols, begun their own bio-weapons programs right after the end of the first world war.

United states had begun its offensive bio-weapons program in 1942. Biological agents developed by Japanese labs were unleashed upon the inhabitants of 11 Chinese cities by contaminating the water supply and food items from areal spray. Over the ensuing decades of the cold war, the testing guinea pigs for many bio-agents developed have been the unsuspecting natives of central-Africa.

Why is this danger of weaponized microbes more pronounced now?

There, are two major key factors, one is the asymmetric nature of warfare between the competing nations, especially between the No. 1 and the No. 2 of this planet. In a battle for global supremacy and not willing to fight a mundane war; U.S. and China had started a series of economic maneuvers to create a stranglehold difficult for the other to break.

The U.S. chose the method of economic sanctions and denial of doing business (DoB) to the Chinese state owned technological and manufacturing behemoths. It was a serious problem for the CCP, and more so for President Xi.

Then, the Hongkong protests were going on for months and the Chinese were unable to control it even with the limited use of police baton. The persistent coverage by the western media of this “Hongkong spring” was generating a huge amount of ignominy for the Chinese. The spread of this virus as a global pandemic has solved a lot of issues for the CCP; although, it has in its wake, left many uneasy questions yet to be answered by the Chinese establishment, to everybody’s satisfaction.

The global spread of the CoViD-19 and the current situation. [Source: Wikipedia Live Statistics]

The trade war unleashed by No. 1 upon the No. 2 probably had a blow-back as this pandemic CoViD-19 (first epicenter is the vicinity of Wuhan Bio-labs in Hubei province of China). As always, we are speciously told, as in the past, that the Bats have been the cause of this pandemic. The Chinese have been eating exotic animals since decades now and anyone who believes this nonsense has his – belfry full of bats.

However, as mentioned earlier, the truth lies somewhere hidden from the controlled news channel propaganda across the globe. Possibly, we may never know what led to this situation and the inter-linked chain of events that helped its spread. However, we are certain that the W.H.O. (sarcastically being called by many on the social media as the Wuhan Health Organization) has failed us all in fulfilling its promise and carrying out its duties as per its charter. The economic costs involved are massive.

Nobody is innocent in this game of gaining global dominance. Each one has its share of sins…and really big ones!

Second, is the role of global business interests of the Big Pharma and bio-chemical industries. Are we going to live in a future where diseases will be manufactured and the medicines provided by giant medical corporations? Much like the computer viruses and the Anti-virus and Anti-malware etc. industry. We are being touted the promise of designer babies and genetic medicines and all the wonderful things in the media, however, nobody seems to be curious enough probe the belly of the dragon!

The algorithm of the 1% strategy:

Design a problem- create Panic- Provide Solution- Make huge profits. [Repeat]

Then, there is the danger of the islamists using this method for their future warfare with the non-muslim world. In his -800 odd pages novel, ‘I am Pilgrim‘, the author Terry Hayes envisions such a scenario, where the jihadist actually is trying to start a biological attack on the west ( the U.S.). Again, this is seen as a part of their asymmetric warfare strategy against an incredibly powerful adversary. The whole plot is woven around the vaccine resistant strain of a virus stolen from the Syrian bio-labs.

The world that we shall live in, after all this is over, would either be a much better and sane one than what we had in 2019, or we are heading for Terra dystopia with full speed of our technological and scientific progress . The need of this hour is to awaken the spirit of compassion and a sense of satisfaction, specifically among the rich and the elite. They are the ones who need the spiritual evolution the most because they are the ones who decide the destiny of all the mortals on this planet. If they fall below the level of human dignity and character, then all are doomed. They need to come out of their ‘God-complex‘ and live a fuller life of inclusiveness rather than a constipated existence of the confinement i.e. –me and mine.

El Presidente

My humble attempt at creating a trumped-up speech of the U.S. president, while at home, in these days of `Cornteen‘.

A remembrance of days

Berlin, Germany.
Paris, France.
Berlin, Germany.
Marseille, France.
Madrid, Spain.
Madrid, Spain.
Berlin, Germany.

The 1% Algorithm

The Rich Puppet Players. [Image taken: abundanthope.net]

Step I: Design a new socio-economic problem.

Step II: create Panic among the masses.

Step III: filter it through a political mayhem.

Step IV: Provide the pre-made Solution.

Step V: Make huge profits.

Step VI: Create a short-term peaceful situation.


A passing thought

Those who do not know the power of perseverance;

look up to heavens for help in their providence.


Three years ago, on a chilled night of mid-December, with a rather solemnly looking waxing moon in the clouded sky and beneath the smattering of twinkling stars, I trudged along the silent and lonely road towards my destination. Usually, as my companion had told me, around this time of the year a nebulous fog streams through the vales and meadows of the rugged countryside, marked lightly by the uncivilized hills and an unruly network of country roads, which were almost impassible after heavy rains. This time, however, it was not so. Running amidst them, I found, to my pleasant surprise, a contorted network of single lane roads and  myriad walking trails, some well defined and tractable, while others, left out to fade away over time, atrophied through a lack of use.

My job as an insurance agent had led me to many a distant places and sometimes proved to be a stimulating way of meeting magnificent people and their distinct ways of life imbued with myriad customs. Which, sometimes would seem rather quaint and icky for my sensibilities and tastes- to put it more politely. I was besotted, since my younger years, by this deep desire to explore and understand those essential ways in which the human settlements worked and interacted. I had been given a lead to follow a client to a distant part of Peramia, a city in somewhat south-west of where I work. Upon reaching the platform, I was escorted to a wagon station and I boarded a carriage that would lead me to the edge of the city and a few miles henceforth. However, the coachman held back from talking me to the doorsteps of my journey’s end. I was reminded of the time, when I was just shy of being twenty and had read Bram Stoker’s – Dracula, lying in my bed with a wall lamp that lit gently all through the night. There was an uncanny resemblance to the very beginning of that harrowing journey of a young solicitor named Jonathan Harker to his destination in Carpathian mountains, which ensconced within its icy heights, the castle of Count Dracula. I chuckled to myself and shook of the unnecessary workings of my mind that were spinning these tales of similarity and setting within me a faint trembling of an unknown trepidation and a set of cold feet.

“I say, how about I give you double the fare, you would normally charge and you drive me to the address? It is getting rather late in the afternoon and I would like to be there as soon as possible.” I almost implored him with my last sentence.

“Nay..nat worthit…. dese days ther arr highwaymen abound on dose roads.. an dey waylay da coaches an’ sumtaimes…I hierd ..dey kill…yes… yu go alone?! yes..or yu staiy ‘ere at a otel…pay a few pennies… an tumorro make ur jurney. dat way yu live another day …perhaps.” He quipped and grinned to show his soiled teeth.

The Horse carriage from the nearest station would take an hour and a half to reach the nearest port to my destination, and that too depending upon the haste of the coachman and a smooth  journey with no hapless encounters. Had I not been under the pressing need of returning to my home the day after, for my first marriage anniversary, I would have gladly stayed at some place for the night and had begun my journey the next day. I had promised my doting wife, the sweetness of my life to a day full of surprises and things done together and a dinner at the finest dining halls of the city. I could not, under any circumstances, have retracted from my promise to her. I must make a journey today; and if need be, I shall walk right through a forest to finish my job and return to keep my promise. I jumped up in the carriage and the coachman shrugged his shoulders and gave me a piteous look, as if, he wanted me to acknowledge the mistake I was making. We were four people sitting inside, when the coachman whistled and pulled at the harness connected to the horses.

“Gidy up!!…” He shouted as he tugged at the reins.

The stagecoach shuddered into motion with a jerk and the wheels began to roll with a well known creaking sound.  We were all men and no women; and I thanked my destiny for not playing a sadistic joke on me with that likeness to Bram Stoker’s  gothic fiction, as it had begun to look. Still, an unease was present in the coach cabin that touched every thought and seemingly bent it in same direction. The journey had begun with little cheer and my companions were staring silently at the road ahead, as if wishing it to be safe and free of any hurdles. We were two miles into our journey, when we saw a returning coach and its coachman waved at us and wished us a safe journey. He would be the last one we would see for the rest of the miles that lay before us. The dusk would be spreading its wings soon enough.  The cheerless and icy cold winds were blowing outside the carriage and  some occasional drafts would sneak in through the rifts in the cabin wood.

“The winters are a bad time to travel…” One of the men shook his head.

The pale orange sun was biding a sad goodbye to us and was dipping towards a faraway horizon. I looked out of the window and dreamed of the time I would be spending with my wife to cheer myself up. The dust blew as the coach sped along the horse-tracked road, off to its last journey of the day.

[to be continued…]


A passing thought…

This world is not a fight between good and bad/evil as the stories (Literary or religious) make us believe. Its a constant struggle of human ambitions and collision of desires either as an individual versus all or as a certain group of people vs. the other. The so called – ‘clash of civilizations’ is just a cliched way to describe the ignoble and irrational desire for dominance of one set of people, with certain dearly held ideas and belief systems over others they deem as unworthy of being human. When will the day come when we realize that the infinite universe lays before us unexplored and yet we squander our precious little life in things so meaningless…

Our God vs. your God/s.
Our Race vs. yours.
Our culture vs. yours…

and the list goes on. I think the day would come, when we sincerely acknowledge the fact that we know nothing and search for the reality rather than cook up stories and believe them.

Truth shall set you free, someone said…but, are we free enough to pursue the truth?

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