The quagmire of counterfeit currency – II

I hope the present government turns out to be more prudent in coming years and take further steps to quash this menace of fake currency. The cashless society would be a welcome step in that direction.


The quagmire of counterfeit currency – I

The poverty doesn’t go away by crying out loud “Ammko Gareebi mittana aee” for 60 years. It goes away by doing the right things and doing it in such a way that it has long term benefits and not short term power retaining objectives. The counterfeit currency is one such tool by which you destroy the economy of another country by devaluation and inflation without firing a single bullet.

The social strain

The notion of order, in its very broad social sense, must encompass the wide gamut of concepts, ideas, customs, value system and the historical continuity of some tradition/s. It takes a long time for a certain society to develop its own specific value system and what is called tradition and a characteristic sense of order.