Zen Questa VIII

The man pushed a leg to his side, grabbed Yolo with a free hand and bent himself while bringing the boy over his shoulder down on the ground to his senses. Yolo was staring straight into the sun now. He could not understand for a while for what had happened in that fraction of a second.


Zen Questa VII

It was dark outside and the sound of chirping crickets resonated wherever the human voices would allow for such freedom. The boys had looked into the other circus tents and around it and they were now wandering on the streets.

Zen Questa VI

They tried to evade walking on the road directly and followed the trail along the trees on the roadside. The parrot was ensconced with the cloth wrapped around his cage. From a distance it looked like some kind of a sack. The parrot had no idea where his new acquaintances were taking him.

Zen Questa V

After he had finished his little fruit, the parrot was all eager to know his new friends and he tried to thrust open his cage door. The boys knew its intention and moved cautiously towards it. Then with a slight force he opened up the little door and moved his index finger daintily inside the cage.