The quagmire of counterfeit currency – I

The poverty doesn’t go away by crying out loud “Ammko Gareebi mittana aee” for 60 years. It goes away by doing the right things and doing it in such a way that it has long term benefits and not short term power retaining objectives. The counterfeit currency is one such tool by which you destroy the economy of another country by devaluation and inflation without firing a single bullet.

About U.S. Elections

The situation is pretty much clear on one hand and confusing on the other. The rest of the world see it as the choice between the slow poison and the electric chair. The eventuality in both the cases is pretty much same; only the duration of time is what matters.

The forlorn silence – I

“Well, I am here…What do you want from me? You want to kill me? I am not afraid..Here…kill me you blood thirsty witches. I am standing right here.” Not a leaf stirred or a bird moved. The silence was slowly becoming too much to bear and he wanted to shout again but could not.

The questions of beauty

Beautiful faces are just forms created out of flesh and bones. Why do they entice us so much? The face…