A passing thought…

This world is not a fight between good and bad/evil as the stories (Literary or religious) make us believe. Its a constant struggle of human ambitions and collision of desires either as an individual versus all or as a certain group of people vs. the other. The so called – ‘clash of civilizations’ is just a cliched way to describe the ignoble and irrational desire for dominance of one set of people, with certain dearly held ideas and belief systems over others they deem as unworthy of being human. When will the day come when we realize that the infinite universe lays before us unexplored and yet we squander our precious little life in things so meaningless…

Our God vs. your God/s.
Our Race vs. yours.
Our culture vs. yours…

and the list goes on. I think the day would come, when we sincerely acknowledge the fact that we know nothing and search for the reality rather than cook up stories and believe them.

Truth shall set you free, someone said…but, are we free enough to pursue the truth?


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