About U.S. Elections

The much awaited time of the democratic elections is here as the the Americans vote for the next president to start a term in the White house. For the first time in its history of elections, the electorate faces a grave situation and face a huge challenge for the future of the lone superpower on the planet. Some economics and geopolitical pundits had already started writing the eulogy for the declining U.S. power; while others were optimistic about the American dream to flourish for another fifty years. In any case, the year 2016 shall be known as the year when the decision had to be made between the worse and worst case scenario. Sadly, the decision that U.S. electorate make would affect not only their lives but also the lives of all the people across the nations who deal with U.S. either militarily or economically.

The presidential debates that concluded recently, did almost nothing for the voting masses, other than provide some Hil(l)arious moments and some Trump’d up accusations and allegations. The issue which was certainly brought up by Hillary Clinton was that the Trump campaign was being funded by the Russians so that the man who sits in the Presidential house is just an extension of the Kremlin, to put it in mild terms. These are some serious allegations against Donald Trump, which if proven to be true, shall mean a strike at the heart of democratic setup of the west. On the other hand what Hillary did was something very much unpardonable for a person who holds such and office i.e. SoS. What she did and the aftermath of that action is in the public domain. The initial rescue by the FBI boss and the recent news of fresh leaks (350 emails) against her from the FBI really confound the public and could be a factor in the swing votes. The gap between the two candidates is narrowing. The question is whether the fresh information onslaught gets Hillary Benghazied or do we see the trolling of  Trump after the elections?

The situation is pretty much clear on one hand and confusing on the other. The rest of the world see it as the choice between the slow poison and the electric chair. The eventuality in both the cases is pretty much same; only the duration of time is what matters. Do we see the end of a superpower that makes way for the giant in the east (China) or we see the status quo maintained for another decade or so before the countdown to the rundown on U.S. begins? Only time will reveal the answer.



    1. I am in Europe now. My nationality is Indian. 🙂

      This year is very crucial for the whole world. The kind of posturing Putin is making and the way China is plucking US allies in SE Asia, it seems the new president would have hard time working on geopolitics and the home turf at the same time.

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