The questions of beauty

Beautiful faces are just forms

created out of flesh and bones.

Why do they entice us so much?

The face is just a door.

An invitation to what is inside.

Why does it matter so much?


Why do we want to the enter doors

that look inviting?

What makes us feel mesmerized 

by the fleeting existence of the 

beauty that arises out of

the same dust as us?

Why this fatal attraction to the

physical form is all too important?


The face is just a door.

The human soul is the dweller 

in the palace 

built of mortal structures.

Sometimes, a beautiful door

is just a trap

that leads to the dark

that lies 

hidden in the realms of persona

and ego.


And sometimes, an ugly door could be 

a gateway to paradise.

The door just waits in silence for the

right one to come and knock.

It does not open for the depth-less 

or the impatient.


The question is are we patient enough?

or curious to look beyond the forms that 

surround us?

The form after all is subject to change and decay.


The soul lives forever…

do we look for beautiful souls?
Do they put pictures of beautiful souls on Instagrams?

Do they tweet about the yearnings of the soul to break free

and fly unshackled to the infinite ?

Does the facebook keep you updated on

the condition of the soul of your loved ones?


Who knows if ‘soul’ is just a word…to comfort us 

from the thought that when this form decays, 

What will happen, where shall  “I” be?


Faces are just faces 

Why do they attract us so much?


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