The forlorn silence – III

I knew I had to go to the other side to search for the answers. However, the question was how I could do that without raising the suspicion and without alarming my over-concerned mother. We went to the church and the priest blessed both of us and we drank the holy water. He assured my mother “All shall be well with your son. By the Grace of God, our Lord and the Holy Spirit, Ye shall see him get better as the days grow old. Amen.”We returned to our home. I asked my mother “Tell me Mom, You think the priest really knows what is going on?” My mother gave a sigh of exasperation and said “Child…would you stop questioning our faith?..” . “I am sorry Mother.” I interjected before she could finish. I dreamed the same thing again that night. This time it called out my name. It called me Jacob. I was not Jacob. I was Isiah the son of Jeremiah and Molly Coltrane. Why was the name in my dream Jacob? I had to visit the place and I well knew where it was.

The next day I borrowed a small dugout from my best friend and asked him to stay silent and keep it a secret. He was now really mad at me and yelled expletives and hurled angry remarks. I stood there calm and composed and said to him “Tim, I have known you for years and you are my best friend. Would you trust me and keep it a secret?” His eyes swelled with tears and he cried hugging me tightly. “I don’t want to loose you. I had lost my brother …I don’t want to loose you. I believed you the day you told me the story. I just did not want to accept it…Please do not go…I beg of you…Please…” saying this he leaned back and held my hand.

“I have to go Tim. I have to or else something bad might happen either to me or my family. There is no other way out.” I tried to console him.

He said “Take me with you, then. I shall protect you.”

“No, I have to go alone. It is my journey and I have to make it on my own. I need some answers for myself. Just stay here and do not let anybody get suspicious. My mother thinks I am with you. I have to go now.” As I said this, I looked at him and saw the affirmation in his eyes.

“”Take care my Isaiah. May God protect you from all evil…” He then shook my hand and went inside.

I dragged the dugout to the riverside nearby and started my journey that would possibly give answers to my questions since childhood. I had reached the other side in an hour or so. The journey was not easy one on my arms as I had never peddled a boat with an oar for such a long time. I tied the boat to a tree on the other side and put dead leaves on it. After walking another fifteen minutes I came to the same place that was the talk of the village horror for centuries. My heart was jumping beats as I neared the old ruins of the house that stood with fallen roof and broken windows and wild vegetation covering most of the walls that defied time and still held on to its roots dug deep in the ground. The silence was bizarre at this place and a pall of melancholy and yearning had hung over it for centuries it seemed. Undisturbed and hidden from the busy human world. The crows were making a lot of noise flying around or just perching on the Oak branches. There was this big Owl gazing at me with intent eyes; as if probing my thoughts.



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