Uri – The long list of Pak menace

Media in India, especially the regional news, ups the ante on the war between India and Pakistan, once something along the lines of Pathankot or Uri happens. The act of terrorism from across the border is not something new to the nation (Maybe it is so…as the society seems to have short term memory). Since, independence of India from the British rule and the creation of Muslim majority nation of Pakistan; all has not gone well as was perhaps envisaged by the leaders back then. It is said that Quaid-e-Azam of Pakistan, Mohammad Ali Jinnah, said about the newly established country that “Pakistan and India shall be neighbors like United states and Canada. The religion must now take a back seat and every minority in Pakistan has equal rights as the citizen of the country.”

However, this statement was made even before first page of the constitution of Pakistan was drafted. Was it an Islamic nation or a secular republic? The strange fact that Pakistan was created as a land for Muslims as they perceived threat from the large Hindu population of free India, which for almost 800 years was living a subjugated life under foreign Islamic rulers. The new nation that dismembered the India Empire and separated the population of the subcontinent with historical roots was to see another decade of confusion and turmoil over its identity. The list starts with Arab invaders on the Sindh border to the Turks and from Afghans raiders and rulers down to the Mughals. In Indian history books written mostly by the left-wing historians made it a point to tone down the atrocities of the foreign rulers and teach the children of India that all was well and hunky dory among the invaders and the natives apart from a few wars fought for solely political reasons. There was no religious oppression of the native population and people were treated equally.

This brings us to the following question – ‘If the standpoint of Indian historians is correct, then why was there a demand for Muslim majority nation? Why it was spread that the Hindus will take revenge for centuries of suppression and subjugation?’ Maybe the reasons were more political than religious. India in its utmost expanded phase had boundaries inside Afghanistan in the North-West to the Myanmar in the South-East. It is very strange argument to get separate land on an argument based on fear from the very people who never attacked Muslim lands in the first place. No army from India under any Hindu King in the 7th or 8th century invaded the Arab lands. It was other way around when Muhammad bin Qasim was sent to fight the Hindu king of Sindh because he had given shelter to the progeny of Ali – the first Shiite Imam. The militant mindset of the invaders was not just to rule but to subjugate the people under new law and the culture. The Quran extols the virtues of the warrior who conquers the infidel lands and makes them convert to the faith of Islam or live as a second class citizen as a Dhimmi with extra tax levied on them called Jizziya. 

So, how is connected to the happenings in Uri and its aftermath? Let us talk a bit about current Indian mindset before coming to the point.

After the independence in 1947 and the start of Kashmir tension in 1948 invasion of tribals warriors from Pashtun belt under the leadership Pakistan army officers, the position of both the countries on Kashmir is highly confusing and dubious. Pakistan alleges that the Maharaja of Kashmir never signed the instrument of ascension to the Indian nation while India contends he did. The same Pakistan which seems to shed tears of blood for their Muslim brethren being subjugated by the Hindu India is tightly silent on the issues of Muslims in Chinese region of Xinjian i.e. the Uyghar or the Turkic Muslims. The same Pakistan denies the mass rape and murder of million of Bengali people in the east Pakistan which is now called Bangladesh. India on the other hand keeps article 370 for Kashmir created with the understanding of Nehru and Sheikh Abdullah. If it is a part of Indian nation then why give such a status to Kashmir? How about the ethnic cleansing of the Hindu population form the Kashmir region? No news in India covers their plight. They are living like refugees in their own country. One beef incident or a Godhra or Kashmir (Burhan Wani incident) is enough for decades of noise about —- Oh! the innocent Muslims are being harmed. Nobody asks the question about those people who live in Muslim majority nations? Do Muslims give the same rights and privileges to the non-Muslims that they seek for themselves?

It is a well established fact that Pakistan supported the Khalistan movement  in Punjab that wanted to create a Taleban like state separated from India territorially and constitutionally. My state saw 20 years of militancy and thousands of innocent youth killed both Sikh and non-Sikh. There are still Sikh men languishing in the jails on Punjab and others outside of India who are black-listed even now. Why nobody in India or Indian media speak about that? I have seen dozens of Indian blogs which are happy to criticize the Indian government of the day when it comes to Muslims and was deafeningly silent for 10 years of UPA rule for the injustice to the Sikhs who were burned alive in 1984.

Sikh lives do matter! 

Maybe, Sikhs are not giving you Amir Khan, SRK or Salman Khan, but they give life first in the battlefield. During the 1962 war with China, the Sikh regiment were the first to fight in the icy and numbing winds of the Himalyas against the well equipped Chinese army. Have some sense of shame India. Stop this media fed non-sense of being politically correct if you support Muslims. Aren’t Sikhs the minority too?

Still, how many Muslims in India come to the streets and shout against Pakistan? There are rallies in South India carried out by newly Arabicized population against Israel’s occupation of Palestine. They have time for this issue to which they are not even a party but then they do not have time to come out on the streets and condemn the attacks strongly and send the message across the border to the terror manufacturing madrassas or Islamic seminaries. Even the twitter of SRK, Amir and Salman looses potency that they otherwise show for intolerance debates. They confuse the nation with keeping the Pakistan artists who come to India to work in Indian movies and project their faces to global media. They are creating a soft power for Pakistan via Bollywood. However, Salman comes out and says no we will not let the Pakistan artists return. The thing is, one should be clear in war and love. Do not send confusing signals otherwise the terror would continue to exported to India along with the goodwill ambassadors in form of actors and singers and the things would remain on the boiling but never boil over. There is nothing against the singers and the actors but the lines should be drawn clearly. It also sends a message to the grieving families of the men in the Indian armed forces.

What Pakistan needs is…to keep the cauldron hot enough for its purpose and keep the strategy of thousand cuts to bleed India slowly in both economic and morale spheres. One can see the evidence of lack of faith in the armed forces capability by Arvind Kejriwal and Congress party’s Sanjay Nirupam. They need the proof to substantiate if Indian army DGMO claims are true. If the Indian jawans are really able to do this to Pakistan sponsored terror bases. It is highly shameful of Mr. Kejriwal to ask in a round-about manner about the proof. The question is – ‘Why do we find it hard to believe that Indian para-commandos could do such a thing? Is it because we did not do anything after Parliament attacks, Mumbai train blasts or 26/11 and so on? Why do we have to doubt the statement of DGMO?’

The Uri attacks adds to the series of attacks on Indian territory by Pakistan sponsored outfits. They are a product of the vision of Gen. Zia ul Haq, whose Islamic puritanism changed the nation of Pakistan forever. The feeding of hatred for the non-muslims in the school curriculum and lasting till the college education has changed the mindset of the youth. They may seem to deny it but then they are being hypocrites either knowingly or unknowingly. The Uri attacks are not the last that we shall be seeing and the civilians will fall victim to this proxy war again. You cannot fight an enemy with love and hate at the same time. One has to take a position, either say, its alright we love Pakistan actors and singers, its alright if some Indian soldiers are killed or civilians blasted out; We just want our dose of entertainment and some handsome faces or say enough is enough to Pakistan with no Cricket and no ties.

In any case, the ghost of radical Islam is knocking on India’s doors. The day is not far when the terror factories within will start operating and subverting the nation. Its just a matter of time and the clock is ticking. The future will depend of the decisions made today. Make your choice carefully.

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2 thoughts on “Uri – The long list of Pak menace

    1. Thanks Sandeep!
      Although, in all honesty i like your work better than mine. Your way of putting all the info is a great sequential manner is an inspiration. I am not buttering you up…its an honest feeling. My idea of pakistan is just what i gleaned from media, books and friends from that lost part if India. The psyche of pakistan is based on two large pillars i.e. 1 ) Hatred of its Hindu past to forge an Arabic identity, and 2) To take back New Delhi as the dar -al -islam. Kashmir is not an issue…the real game is the re-occupation of Mughal capital. The running idea was that the Brits should have left the reins of power to the Nawabs and other such left-overs. Pakistan is a British creation for its designs to save its crown jewel from claws of the Russian empire. If you read up on the after-wars committee at the Whitehall, London…it would be clear that they also wanted a buffer called Sikhistan.

      oh and if it doesn’t take much of your time..then also see my CoViD-19 blog wrutten a few days back and i would love to read your analysis of it. I have already read your piece and thats why i am making this request.


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