My first blogward!

Thank you so much Sucheta  (#apennyformythoughtblog) for the nomination and giving me this award.



7 are the days in a week.

7 is the number of colors in a rainbow. 

7 is the number of svaras in Indian classical music.

7 is the mystical number of the seeker, the thinker and the searcher of Truth.

7 is the most prominent number in the Bible.

7 are the steps that unify two souls in a Hindu marriage…

and the 7 things about me are

  1. I am a person who is always in wonder of things happening around him.
  2. I love to explore and seek hidden mysteries.
  3. I am a condensed matter Physicist who struggles each day with his ADD (attention deficit disorder).
  4. I enjoy reading books and watching movies in my free time.
  5. I listen to Indian classical music when I need to relax and sit silently.
  6. I started this blog recently at the request of my friend who said that my views should reach other people.
  7. I am a shy and introvert till the point I become friends with a person.


The Award Nominations






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