It all started with a nerd joke!

  1. Oh…my bad. I should have elaborated. In topology (The study of continuity of surface, in a simple terms) the definition of genus implied the number of holes or punctures on that surface or object. For example, a sphere has genus = 0 and a doughnut has a genus = 1. likewise a pretzel has a genus = 2 (or 3?). Then if you put a handle on a ball you change the genus from 0 to 1. You could pick it by that handle. The ball is a very basic object and the simplest of all.

    My comment about the genus of reality was supposed to be joke in response to the previous comment. And it fell flat😀

    Yeah, about your comment that the reality places INFINITY = ZERO could be true but I do not understand it.😦

    Wow! Kudos on the thought-weave and articulation of it! I was simply implying that the idea of quantification may fall short in the grand scheme of things! :)

    jyotirmayablog says:

    Amazingly… if you think about it, I mean the the process of quantification, is just ascribing some numbers to define the extant or margins or amount of something. Human fingers are used as a tool to count and we could count from 1 to keep on adding more and more…

    Ques: How would one quantify zero? By the absence of something…right. Could it be defined like we could define 1 or 2 or 3?

    Symbolically, zero is given as 0…which potentially originates and decays within itself and has no outward leanings. I am being a bit philosophical here and I might move into the Pythagorean mysticism. 0 has no beginning and certainly no end even in its symbolic form, it reflects that nature. However, we should not look much into the mystical meanings. I have been in the company of some people where a man who said…Zero is like a God…and when it comes behind you it increases your value. Everybody was impressed by that analogy and was smiling and saying ‘yes-yes’ and the women said…so beautiful. I said, well, how about that zero in the front? The God is in the front and you are walking behind it…do you see the miracle, then? Everybody was shocked as if I sapped out some consolation from them.

    Coming back to my point, and also to yours, in order to quantify something, we need some numbers. The number system we have, starts with Natural numbers and moves through Integers and onto the complex and beyond to transcendentals. Out of all these, the first i.e. the natural numbers have a correspondence with the quantifiable world, at least. Integers have a bit of a problem, how would you describe -1 to somebody with an example, without taking recourse to mathematical setup? In an ordinary day to day experience of our life, this thing could be hinted at by taking a thing away from something and still it would not be a negative number. Say, we have 3 apples and say that -1 is like taking 1 apple from you and you are left with two…and you are one less. That -1 is living in abstraction, isn’t it?

    Now, move on to the complex numbers, skipping the “rationals” and “reals”. They are written as z= x+iy, where i= the square root of -1, and is called imaginary number. However, its not entirely a figment of imagination. The whole of quantum physics stand upon this iota and yet where do we see this iota quantified or available for grasp by human mind? How would you define iota outside of the mathematical setup? What analogies could one give in order to make somebody understand? Even in the normal setup, something fails…the grand scheme of things is out of reach of human understanding, perhaps.

    I thank DirtySciFiBuddha to let me include this discussion in my blog. Thank you! 

Sure! One way I stay sane is by keeping in mind that all those reaches of logical contemplation you describe depend on us accepting a given premise, and if we accept that premise, then we can deem something as VALID but not true. How are we certain that existence wasn’t created a half-second ago, all evidence of a past intact? Quantum physics only accounts for a very small amount of mass in the universe…much less that of a possible multiverse…I think that every avenue of discovery has purposefully been threaded with an opportunity to disbelieve or be incomplete so that we as humans have the option to believe in whatever the core of all these philosophies/religions hint at…or not. 😉

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