A tree and a child

There was an old tree outside a village which stood like a majestic king; whose flowers attracted birds and bees and the winds blew through its fragrance ridden branches, which were like giant arms stretching towards the sky. One day a little kid came close to it while playing outside his house. He looked at it in amazement and the innocently went ahead and touched the trunk with his little gentle hands. The tree looked below and smiled at this little creature and shed a few flowers as a mark of welcome. The kid jumped around and picked those flowers and ran towards his house. He would often come during the high noon and would play around the tree. The tree fell in love with this little one and would delight in his presence. The tree was big and the child could not play with it, so one day the tree lowered the branch for him to swing on them. Love comes down unlike ego which moves away and wants to be beyond reach. He would offer him his fruits and shower flowers on him in playfulness. Sometimes, the boy plucked flowers from the lowered branches and the tree would feel immense delight in that.

The child began to grow old and would come and study under that tree. The tree would silently watch in contentment and would keep still so as not to disturb him. He would fall asleep on its branch and the tree would ask the birds not to make much noise. Some days he would pluck flowers and make a crown for himself and dream of being a king. The winds would touch his face and he would feel majestic sitting high on the big branch. He would dream of doing many things and the tree would watch his expressions with much delight. The child grew a bit more and one day he brought friends to show how he had conquered the mighty tree and impressed them with climbing to the farthest branch in its crown. The tree smiled and felt his young feet on his top branches and his hands bracing the trunk tightly. It rejoiced in the embrace.

The tree would wait for him each day in impatience. One day he did not come. The tree felt anxious and apprehensive. A few days passed…then months…and years. One day it saw him coming with someone from afar. The tree was so thrilled that it shook its branches in excitement and ground beneath became covered in the beautiful flowers. The boy had been in love with a girl and they both came and sat under it. The boy did not even acknowledge the tree of said ‘Hi’. He was too absorbed in “love”. The girl was amazed to see such bright flowers and kissed and hugged the boy in excitement. They would come and sit their often and the boy would sing songs for her. The tree was happy to his little boy grow into a young man. Again the lad disappeared one day and the tree did not see him for years. He had gone to study in a city and lived with his friends. He got occupied in ambitions and the lure of success made him anxiety ridden. The tree would wait in a silent wait and its branches ached for his warm hug. The tree did not see him for years and became sad. The boy grew a bit older and worried about his girlfriend and about making it big in life. He pined for her love and forgot the tree absolutely. He wanted to have her as his wife, to build a house and to have a great business.

One day, when the young man was passing through that road. The tree called out to him-“Where have you been my friend?”

To be continued…



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