I need to survive

I was carefree and silent
without worries and groans;
Wrapped in a womb for nine months
I was bound in flesh and bones;
My world was a 2 x 2 feet bag of flesh
without any mortgage or loans.

There was a time in my life
when I could be either Bob or Beth;
I was freely afloat and yet tied to something
that fed me through her blood and breath;
That cord was the difference
between what you call life and death.

Two hearts and a body within a body
living and coexisting in sync’d emotion;
We could only talk to each other
by my movements and motion;
My “Universe” was a silent dream
while sleeping in the salty ocean.

Then came a time of chaos
when she felt the pain of labor;
I felt the pangs of life and death
when a blade cut through her like a saber;
The cord was severed without an emotion
and I was hung upside down by  ‘Dr. Gabor’.

My naked body felt the jolt
and a hand touched my bottom bare;
It seized me and sized me
and slapped me with a professional flair;
He did his job as usual
and never cared if it gave me
anxiety, panic or scare.

Oh! I cried, hung upside down
in the cold gloved hands;
Which then put me in a box
to measure my grams;
All the while my mother was sleeping,
I was being shifted between Samantha’s and Sam’s.

This was the welcome
and this was the show;
That taught me my first lesson
to survive and grow;
There is no ‘Mama’ out there
Life is just plain struggle and throe.


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