Whirl-d around us!

How fast are you moving while sitting still?
“Neo”Zen Koan

There is blue planet in a star system, known locally as the solar system, almost at the edge of the spiral galaxy Milky way, which takes its kids for a free ride across this system for a full year non-stop, while turning on its axis and never throwing us off. We call this blue planet our home- the Earth. It rotates on its axis  at the local speed of about a thousand miles an hour (1600 km/h) and across its orbit around sun at astounding 66,000 miles an hour (107,000 km/h) and the Sun takes all of his family of 8 planets (9, if you don’t doubt Pluto’s planet-hood!), relative to the local standard of rest, are moving at about 43,000 miles per hour (70,000 km/hr) towards star Vega (constellation: Lyra) and revolving around the galactic center at 514,000 mph (828,000 km/h).

On top of that, the entire galaxy is a swirling entity akin to a giant pinwheel, which moves its humongous arms, stretching across 100–180 kilo-light years (1 light year is the distance covered by the light in one year in the vacuum and amounts to 6 trillion miles or 9 trillion kilometers) and once in  250 million terrestrial years our Sun makes a trip around it. Since the formation of our solar system approximately 20 galactic years have passed and since the advent of humans in their present form, we are still in the beginning quarter of our journey. This galaxy is again a part of a super-cluster of sisterhood of galaxies known as Virgo, which is moving towards a great attractor with high speed…lets leave the numbers aside for a while and talk about us.

Sitting on this planet, we have thought out many-many ideas, some outright crazy and some, simply brilliant. We have given ourselves a very special position in our own thoughts. We assumed ourselves to be at the center of everything and created an idea of God, who looks over us and intervenes in our messy affairs and takes over when things go awry. He is like the master switch or reset button. The human centric religions have created a God; whose only job is to be a super-nanny. Who gives humans the capability of achieving orgasm (I am almost envious of the pig who could enjoy it for 30 min after the act!) and then asks them not to enjoy it, rather have sex only to serve him and make more of your kind.  Who, according to our books, relishes in the idea of you bending our ass to him for everything he gave you without you asking in the first place and be afraid of him always. He feeds on your powerful emotions of fear and love like a benevolent tyrant, if there is such a thing, ever.

After all, out of a trillions stars and galaxies, in his infinite wisdom and power, he chose Milky way and in that galaxy he chose the solar system and in that system, he ruled out Venus and Mars as possible habitable planets and focused on the pale blue dot known to us as Earth and then almost 5000 years ago sent Adam and Eve to copulate and populate. He was sure that his creation was smart enough and he made Adam, the first prophet of mankind i.e. for his wife and later children, who by the way committed incest to make more babies, and God was happy. I sometimes feel, that he should have appointed Eve as the prophet instead of Adam, and we would be saved from so much of “dicking around” that we see today. Anyways, so from that time onwards, as far as middle east is concerned, the God is only interested in human drama and watches it 24 x 7 without getting bored from the same things over and over again. He sends his boys – read the “Prophets” to the erring humanity to remind them of a Grumpy nanny in the heavens and mend their ways, lest they feel his wrath on the judgment day and get time outs. The last of these messengers, as usual, appeared in the middle east (which today should be renamed as ‘Meddle East’) around 1400 years ago and shut down this franchise after that, for reasons best known to him.

Have we made too much out of the swirl of life around us?  Do we put meanings into things just because we have a thinking brain buzzing on top of us all day? Maybe things are just happening and we muddle our head with self-importance; because, if we do not do that, then the idea of the self and our worth is in danger. We present ourselves the crown and sing our own ballad. The universe is silently watching, in the infinite vacuum, this bubbles of consciousness that embodies itself from the soil of the planet built from the ashes of stars. The bubble subject to the phenomenon of life and death. The bubble which is as eternal as the time that made it and as ephemeral as the body in which it is bound. So, out of all the speeds mentioned above, the mind moves the fastest while you are sitting still.


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