The world in conflict

Since the dawn of human civilization, or perhaps even before that as the hunter-gatherer, We, as an evolved species, have seen endless conflicts, struggles, battles and eventually wars. The nature of conflict, is such that it seldom leaves a room for the wishful thinking that one day, this human populated and dominated world would be free of any conflict.

In the bygone century, Europe witnessed two great wars which spread to other continents and hence aptly called the World Wars- I & II. There were socio-political upheavals that led to the thunderous clash within a civilization i.e. the occident. After the second world war, the nations slowly realized after extreme exhaustion that the solution to conflict is not- the punch in the face rather constructive dialogues and diplomatic efforts to contain the spilling over of heat that leads nations to war. The post world war era witnessed a cold war  between the two giants of its time, which played out across the continents and among various cultures and ethnicities, which were either mere pawns in this chess game of dominance or active players.

The united nations or UN acts as an overseeing body that till now has managed to keep the world away from a global conflict and acts as an arbiter or as a peacemaker in conflict ridden pockets of the globe. However, the question arises as to what level the role of U.N. as a world watchdog is effective and how much it has restrained the powerful countries from arm-twisting and subverting the small nations or weak countries leading them into a conflict? How much it has been able to restore peace in the areas that has seen decades of bloody conflicts and dictatorships? How much restraint it has put in the Unipolar world, led by U.S. hegemony, which has suffered because of ill-planned and  deliberate misadventures (middle-east & Af-pak region) of this lone superpower, which handles so much power in such a juvenile manner? Of-course, there is no  single answer to this. Nor do I assume that a uni-layered answer will suffice.

There are layers in this world we see around us, some things are overt and well understood, some are covert and hidden from the prying eyes and some are right there in front of everyone and yet are unseen and go unnoticed by generations and quietly adds itself to the ever increasing list of things not learned by human society for its survival. As we progress and find new ways of destroying ourselves, we must find ways to make sure that human survival and the well being of the species is taken care of, more than ever.

The world is divided by human beings not just on maps but also within their minds. The idea of ‘us’ vs ‘them’ takes many forms and has many ramifications and thereby generates all the material that will eventually lead to the clash between the two. The world is built on the principle of duality; yes, however, we are also able to see the world beyond these identifications and associations. The difference we see around us, in the most narrow sense, is just diversity  itself in all its glory with the human races, ethnicities, cultures and customs as a vast reflection of the phenomenon called –Life. Ignorance breeds contempt, contempt breeds hatred and hatred leads to conflicts which eventually give way to a war.

Are we, as highly developed mammals, able to see and appreciate the unity held within myriad forms of these expressions of life force? Are we able to, with all our esteemed knowledge and understanding of world around us, manage the very mind that muddles our perceptions about the outside world? I feel that the way to resolve the world conflict lies within an individual. The solution is within the entity that generates a more complex web of societies and nations. If the mind is calm and settled and it sees that which is and it perceives that which is beneficial to all species, it will act according to the dharma. To this end, the Indian sages and seers, rather than reflecting on the reality as a purely philosophical exercise, presented a way to an existential experience where seeking is encouraged in contrast to a belief system. The way of Yoga is the perennial search of the ultimate unity with the cosmos. Only, when the form sees that the origin is in that which it formless, it becomes free of all associations and bondages. The conflict does not arise in non-duality.

Hari Om Tat Sat!


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